Is Hard Work the Key to Success?

The harder I work, the more successful I am

When asked anyone “what is the secret to their success?”, most of the time they will answer “Hard work”. For all of our live, we have been bombarded by the idea that if you don’t work hard you will never be successful. We heard a lot about hard and success but rarely we heard about hard work and failure which occurs just as often as the former.

In the 3rd world countries, people work really hard to earn a living. Will they become successful?

A construction worker work really hard day and night — are they considered successful?

A woodcutter cuts the tree really hard using a blunt ax — will he/she be successful in cutting down the tree?

Sometimes hard work do make a difference between success and failure. The problem is the society always overvalue hard work and forgot that success requires other factor as well such as patience, teamwork, networking and many more.

SMART WORK is more important than hard work.

Smart work means utilizing your efforts to their maximum benefit. It does not mean completely ignoring yourself from hard work but making the right choices before putting gin the hard work.

A smart worker strategies, plan and then put the effort to areas that will produce maximum results — while — a hard worker will put all of his/her effort, physically and mentally to work hard.

The difference is

Smart work:

  • Save time
  • Allows you to be more organised
  • Reach your goals faster
  • More efficient use of resources. Hence, less waste
  • More time to do other things such as other important projects, spend time with family or exercise

Hard work:

  • Takes a lot of time
  • Consume a lot of energy, time and emotion
  • Stressful
  • Not fully utilizing your brain and pushes you to do more physical work

I don’t advocate that hard work is not important. There are millions of examples of hard work success story out there. But, smart work will get you further with more efficient use of time, money & resources with less stress. So, work smart harder!

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