iOS 8.3 no longer downgrade for iPhone

Apple company recently closed a code validation of iOS 8.2, this means that users can not downgrading that devices already installed iOS 8.3 through iTunes. Apple will periodically close Older iOS verification, in order to completely block some can cause significant security or functional problems of vulnerability.

In April, Apple has released iOS 8.3, which brings more features and more lines and interface optimization. It includes support for wireless CarPlay, the more emoji symbols, as well as the Siri brought more languages and accents. So, the user have escaped iphone is better not to upgrade to iOS 8.3. Even restore factory settings, you can not undo the change.

Up to now, Apple has released two beta versions of iOS 8.4, which music applications have a greater change. The iOS 8.4 final version is expected at this year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2015) a formal meeting with you.

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