Rc12 Air Mouse Android Mini Pc TV Box Stick

RC12 air mouse is a collection of wireless air mouse and full 2.4g wireless keyboard and dual function of intelligent input device, the same as the traditional mouse operation screen cursor, just like the full keyboard wireless keyboard to enter numbers, letters, symbols, etc., but it does not need to be placed on any flat surface in the air, shaking or moving can be used directly. RC12 as a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard, completely out of the operating mode of the traditional mouse and keyboard can be used on the desktop.

RC12 keyboard with QWERTY layout, includes all common standard keyboard function keys and character keys, convenient and versatile; RC12 touchpad with capacitive sensing touchpad, the mouse pointer can provide accurate positioning. 2.4G wireless technology RC12, Qingwo in hand in the air, you can control the mouse pointer position and realize keyboard character input.

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