The Father of headphones

Beyer is known as the father of headphones. Its invention headphones have a little story.

That day, Mr. Beyer has invited a bunch of friends to his private “studio”, and play the classical repertoire, “Aida” album. Friends found the phonograph no speaker, but add an amplifier and two semicircular metal earmuffs, Even more surprising is that the sound came from the ear, and the sound quality is great, neither telephone noise, and no boring or chirp stringed sound. Mr. Beyer playing real music! This invention since the recording device, “Aida” interpretation of the most exciting time, is in Mr. Beyer’s “Studio” where he invented the first one with a dynamic headphones to achieve. “My friends,” said Mr. Beyer for those listeners stunned, “This is for my effort, the human race since you can enjoy authentic music outside the concert hall.”

Today headset has become increasingly common, we all need to buy bluetooth earbuds or bluetooth headset for a better life

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