The origin of Bluetooth

The name of Bluetooth came from a tenth-century Danish King Harald Blatand, Blatand meaning in the English language can be interpreted as Bluetooth, because the king likes to eat blueberries, blue gums every day is so called Bluetooth.

In the preparatory phase of industry associations, we need a very expressive named after the high-tech. Industry organizations who, after a night of discussion on European history and limitless future technology development, some people think that with Blatand king named appropriate. Blatand king will now unified Norway, Sweden and Denmark together; his articulate, sociable, like this upcoming technology, technology will be defined to allow coordination between different industries, each system maintains a Good communication between the areas, such as work calculations, between mobile phones and automotive industries. So names have stuck.

The founder of Bluetooth is Sweden’s Ericsson, Ericsson back in 1994 had carried out research and development. In 1997, Ericsson and other equipment Manufacturer and stimulate their interest in the technology. In February 1998, five multinational companies, including Ericsson, Nokia, IBM, Toshiba and Intel formed a Special Interest Group (SIG), their common goal is to establish a global short-range wireless communications technology, which is now Bluetooth.

Today, Bluetooth products, including Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth mobile phone has been widely used