Tip for buying Fruit

  1. Buying Apple
    Apple at the time of purchase, you should choose a moderate tall, bright color, thin thin apple peel, apple so much moisture, and sweet and delicious. At the time of purchase can be gently pressed on the surface, if it is prone to depression, it indicates that Apple has ripe a big, difficult to preserve, after buy this apple should be eaten.

2. Buy grapes
When buying grapes, to choose the appearance of fresh, tidy and full particles of uniform size, and if grape epidermis “frost” is this a better quality grapes high sugar content. Filed in the purchase of a bunch of grapes by hand, fresh grapes are relatively firm conclusion, so less falling Grape; otherwise, this grape has not enough fresh.

3. Buy bananas
When buying bananas, to select those fruits plump, fat, and fruit shape correct, and no lack of branches and shedding phenomenon of bananas. Fresh banana skin bright color, showing bright yellow or greenish yellow. When peel the skin should peel easily separated flesh is tender, sweet taste.

4. Buy peaches
When buying peaches should choose a larger head, correct shape, thin rosy, so peach juice content, sweet and sour. Do not buy those hard skin spots, damaged and moth-eaten peach.

5. Buy strawberries
When buying strawberries, try to select those bright color, large particles, and ruddy and shiny, with a rich flavor of strawberries. Although some strawberries larger particles, but not shiny, and the shape of special rules, in our hands, lighter in weight than the general strawberries, this is likely to accelerate the ripening of strawberries, less water, bland taste, not to buy.

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