5 Fun tips of advice for Summer 2017

To whom it may concern,

The semester just ended, the night is young and you’re probably planning (if you haven’t already) how you’ll be spending your summer. For some odd reason 2016 was a bad year for everyone, and personally, it wasn’t for me. 2017 brings a new year, and I have some suggestions on what to do with your quality time this summer.

1.Ball today, f*ck tomorrow!

This a lyric by Rapper “Yo Gotti,” in one of his latest singles “Law,” ft E-40. I like referring to this bar simply, because it has the same equivalence to the Latin term “Carpe Diem.” Wake up with summer ambition on your mind, and get ready to do anything that you would like for the summer.


When you see it, you can believe it. Write it down in your planner, on your dry erase calendar, and on your calendar. I’m a visual learner, and it gives me a better perspective on what I’m about to do. You can plan everything down to the wardrobe if you give yourself enough time, stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.

3. TCB (Take Care of Business)

We all know that pockets can be tight, especially as a college student. This is why we have to hustle, HARD. There is money out there, you literally just have to go out there and get it. Don’t be lazy, and say you don’t have enough money and you’re not doing anything to get some. Even though it may be a bit warmer outside, just imagine what the benefits will be after you’ve finished busting some tables, and getting a nice tip from your place of employment. Save your coins.

4. Fellowship with the homies!

This goes back to #2 in planning accordingly, talk to your people and work something out. We all have different work/school schedules, so be mindful of your dates so you can plan fun time with your friends and family. The summer is a great time for graduation, weddings, and excitement in the air. Call your family, tell them you love them, and spend time with them!

5. Enjoy your night.

Last and not least, you’ve put in the time, effort, and energy into having a good time, now you can enjoy yourself. Have some fun, sit back and enjoy the little things in life. This is where you can have that little moment with yourself, and say “good job.” Life is about the journey, and your journey has brought you this far. Crack up a cold one, roll up a fat one, and most importantly, be safe. I hope this article helps you enjoy your Summer 2017, set the roof on fire, and don’t put it out!

-Musically Yours,
Kevin L. Mosley Jr aka Kevo The Breeze

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