What’s your sidebar personality?

Firstly, I love Slack, it has transformed teams, period. BUT, you guys have some work to do on the sidebar.

I manage teams in a 100% remote environment, Slack is constant so I care about “tuning” its use.

The sidebar can be frustrating. I am aware of the display options and I use starring carefully. I still manage to have channels with new messages that are not visible unless I scroll down. It seems like a crazy thing that I could miss the fact that a channel has a new message in it yet see a bunch of channels that haven’t changed in hours.

So, I think you should take your minimalist setting — which I use btw — and change things up a bit. Keep starred at the top but then show a list of channels w/ recent activity (maybe in the last day).

The problem with the minimalist setting now is that I might be in a conversation w/ someone but the thing keeps going away after I read the latest message — a recency delay would solve that.

My team is relatively small so I can’t imagine what this would be like in a larger environment. The app is great but the sidebar needs more flexibility.



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