How I cleared ETD without actually studying !

So all the fuss about the infamous subject ETD ( Engineering Thermodynamics ) started itself from the first semester of my college life at Manipal University Jaipur . While i was in the Physics cycle , I kept hearing weird stories about students getting ZERO marks in the quizzes and people actually scoring 0.3 marks out of 20 in sessional exams.

After the first semester when the results were out , i came to know that around 450 of 1200 students either failed , detained or did not appear in the exam.

This was the first time i was hearing about such a strict checking / discipline related to a subject .

So in second semester , when i came to chemistry cycle , i made sure that I got good marks in this subject . And I did it .

So after a few weeks , as a responsible fellow student , I decided to write about my secret on the Freshers Facebook page on 7th August 2017( Being one of the administrator of the page).

All the BTECH students in First year should read this post.
Fact : Around 450 (approx) students out of 1250 BTECH students either got detained , failed or did not appear in the exam of ETD . ( Source: everyone )
Title : How I cleared ETD without actually studying !
STEP 1 :
To eligible to sit for final ETD exam , one MUST keep his/her attendence above 75% . ( To be exact , 74% can get you detained , because teachers are ULTRA STRICT ! ) . If Anybody says , that its chill about attendence , simply do NOT believe them.
Always , Always keep your attendance around 80% !
STEP 2 : MUST Have these three study material :- 
1) YVC Rao , 
2) R K rajput , 
3) My class notes.
Message me to get my notes : 9634*****7
( My notes are combination of several topper’s notes , and very neatly written .)
STEP 3 : In quizes , take the book R K Rajput and my notes with you . Mostly it comes from R K Rajput or notes .
STEP 4 : Submit all your assignments . Solution of YVC Rao is available online . ( You need to use a VPN and then access google books preview of the solution manual , and BAM !! , all solutions in front of you ) .
STEP 5 : Just remember the topic’s names and their places in the notes and the books.
STEP 6 : Thank me later ; )
I am writing this because I have seen almost everyone tensed and depressed about this subject . Hell , even toppers were depressed about it ! Since many were detained they had to pay around 15000 Rs and had to stay in summer vacations in college. I didn’t liked it at all.
Honestly speaking , thermodynamics never interested me. I just wanted to pass , and possible with good grades to maintain my grade above 9 CGPA .
The above stratergy has helped me get a nice grade . I wish somebody would have told me at the start of my semister.
And I promise you that if you follow my above stratergy , you will save alot of your time and money .
Thanks for reading.
Dev K Arora
2nd Year

Original Post :

My article got a huge positive response from my batch mates , seniors and juniors.

I have saved some statistical and visual data as follows :

Notice the spike in the above graphs around 7th of August , the publishing date of my article.