Character Auction: a new way for trading characters

The feature contributes to a better economy and encourages players to spend more time with their characters since it can be sold eventually. It also makes sense for those who don’t have time to upgrade a new character from scratch to acquire advanced to have fun quicker.

It is also strategic for PVP, as the team may acquire characters to fade the enemies. The new marketplace may be the right arm for the wars.

Name, Level, Vocation, Outfit, Skills, Items, Gold Coins, Price, Bids, Bidding Expiration; everything is available for the public before purchasing a character.

Character Auction: Rules & How It Works:

-The seller must add a 10% deposit to the auction
-Minimum level of sold character is 8.
-When bidding over someone else, the bid extend a period by 1 hour.

The auction will be available for 24 hours accepting bids, the highest bid beats.

If there are no bids within 24 hours, the character will be available for the same price registered by the seller until it sells.

If someone regrets selling and wants to return the character back to the account, he needs to wait 24 hours for the auction’s expiration to do it. But will lose the 10% deposit.

After sending your character to the auction & marketplace, your character won't be available to log in. Unless you cancel it after the first 24 hours, without the 10% deposit.

How to list my character for an auction?

1- In “My Account,” select the char you want to sell, and reconfirm your password.

2- After confirming your password, you character will be available in the MarketPlace.

3- Wait for the auction, feel free to use the Discord or public groups to announce it.



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