Training Island — ENG

In Kingdom Swap, in addition to their level, players rely on their skills, which are extremely important for the evolution of the character on their journey.

When using a type of weapon, like an axe, for example, you increase your Axe Fighting skill.
By defending damage from creatures, you increase your Shielding skill.
And so on with Club, Distance, Magic Level, Fishing, etc.

To hunt creatures stronger than you, for example, you must have a high skill.

In the video below, you can understand in practice, how the Training Island works.

In Kingdom Swap, you can access Training Island, a place organized by Monks who will help you in the evolution of your skill.

There are several rooms where you can attack Monks, and be attacked by them, indefinitely. Monks won’t take your life and you will be training non-stop both your attack skills and your defense skills.

On the island you will also find the Sucram’s shop, where you can buy food, basic items for your training, parcels (necessary to send items from one city to another) and blank runes, used by mages to create their utility runes.

To buy the training island access ticket, simply access our marketplace.

The length of time each player can stay on the island is indefinite. But once the player decides to leave, they must buy another ticket to return.



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