Kingdom Ridge Capital: Being a CFO, COO and CCO

Kingdom Ridge Capital’s Mike Manley has various functions within the company. He is the Chief Operating Officer, the Chief Financial Officer, and the Chief Compliance Officer, all in one.

Being one of the leaders of a hedge fund makes his functions as a chief compliance officer all the more important — “As CCO there are many tools I utilize to build a strong culture of compliance. We have developed a robust compliance manual which describes our policies and procedures and defines our code of ethics. On an annual basis I review this compliance manual with advice from counsel and make updates where necessary.”

When a company wants to implement a culture of compliance, the process always has to start at the top. Among other aspects, the guidelines were developed to help the work of the compliance officer, and to plant a strong sense of responsibility in the company’s employees, and among its leadership as well. The company’s employees are well aware of the fact that should any compliance issues arise — like coming into possession of material non-public information — they are to immediately report to the CCO.

A chief compliance officer’s work can prevent potential insider trading issues, and Mike Manley of Kingdom Ridge Capital takes this aspect of his work very seriously.


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