Kingdom Ridge Capital: How to Build a Lasting Compliance Culture

As an investment advisor firm that is registered with the SEC, Kingdom Ridge Capital is committed to having a business conduct that resonates with the guidelines and regulations of SEC, including their stance on insider trading. To be able to maintain these standards, they have a CCO in place who is primarily responsible for the company’s collective compliance. 
The Basis of a Compliance Program

Having a Chief Compliance Officer — which is a position held by Mike Manley at Kingdom Ridge Capital — is extremely important. Once a CCO is in place, the next step is to create a manual that summarizes the conduct, practices, and general policies of the firm. This is ideal because when an investor has an issue with one of these aspects, the outlined plan helps the company react in a quick and efficient way. The text of the compliance program should be easy to understand, and, even when it is seamlessly implemented into the company’s general conduct, it should nevertheless be frequently reevaluated and improved. 
Code of Ethics

The actual code of ethics is the next step. For hedge funds that are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, having a code of ethics is actually mandatory, which makes the process a little more straightforward. The COE has various functions, including providing guidelines to the employees so they understand their duties a little bit better.

Kingdom Ridge Capital’s code of ethics deals with a wide variety of potential issues, including possible instances of insider training.


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