How to Buy Kingdom Token Collectables on OpenSea — ERC721

Kingdom Token
Oct 1 · 5 min read

A simple, three step guide on how to purchase Kingdom Token collectable animal assets using the OpenSea marketplace.

The hype has been building over the past few weeks and the first Kingdom Token collectables will be available to buy on Opensea from October 6th.

Sign up to the mailing list to hear the results of our very first Safari Event, the event that will determine what animals go on sale! Could we see a Bengal Tiger? A Black Rhino? Either way, be sure not to miss out!

As Kingdom Token uses the ERC 721 standard and operates on the Ethereum (ETH) network you will need an Ethereum wallet and some Ethereum. We’ll walk you through that process.

Step 1 - Obtaining MetaMask
You will need an extension called MetaMask, this enables you to create an Ethereum Wallet and for that wallet to seamlessly interact with the OpenSea Marketplace and other dApps built on ETH. It’s a fantastic tool that makes working with ETH a breeze.

Visit to set yourself up!

Click on ‘Get Chrome Extension’ and it will take you to the Chrome Webstore.

MetaMask in the Chrome Webstore

Install MetaMask from there. It’s worth noting if you’re using the Brave browser, it will still take you to the Chrome store, install it from there anyway and it will add the extension to Brave!

Once installed a small icon will also appear in the top right of your browser and you’ll be greeted by this happy looking fox.

Click on get started and away we go!

Welcome to MetaMask!

From there you’re given two options; either import an Ethereum wallet that you’re already using with the 12 word seed phrase or alternatively you can create a new wallet.

For completeness, we’ll walk you through how to set up a new wallet. Click ‘Create a Wallet’.

Follow the simple initial instruction that MetaMask provide and create a strong password.

You’ll eventually see this page, it’s very important you save your backup phrase in a secure place. It is highly recommended that you do this on paper and do not keep a digital record.

You’ll be asked to enter the phrase to prove that you’ve taken note of it. Once entered you’ll be granted access to your wallet.

Congratualtions. You have an Ethereum wallet! This is what you should see:

You can also access and view your ETH wallet by clicking on the fox icon at the top right of your browser.

Step 2 - Crediting your account with ETH

In order to use the wallet, you’ll need some funds in there. You’ll need some ETH!

If you click deposit, you are given a few options. You can find your public Etherum address and send yourself some ETH (this is great if you’re experienced with cryptocurrency and already have ETH in another wallet) or alternatively MetaMask recommends two services in which you can purchase your first Etherum. These are Wyre and CoinSwitch. Both of which are trusted sellers but can be confusing to first time buyers.

So instead, we recommend you use Coinbase. As they have a terrific interface, a user-friendly app and is still seen as a market leader and the go-to place to buy your first crypto. You will have your first ETH within minutes.

We’ll also note, and Coinmama are other options to purchase your first ETH.

Once you’ve purchased your ETH using one of the above services, send it to your MetaMask account via the public address. Your public address is the alpha-numeric code starting in 0x…… (it’ll be 40 characters long)

Find this by clicking deposit, then account and copying the address. Or simply clicking the ‘Account 1’ (marked in the picture) and that too will copy your address in full. Send yourself some ETH to that address. This will credit the wallet and after the transaction has confirmed it’ll no longer say ‘0 ETH’.

Step 3 - Buying a Token on OpenSea


Next step, head over to OpenSea! “The world’s largest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles. Buy, sell, and discover exclusive digital assets.”

Visit the Kingdom Token store.

And locate the token that you wish to purchase! Maybe it’s a rare and elusive Amur Leopard!

Please note, the next few screenshots are taken from the Rinkeby OpenSea site, this is a test site but rest assured it is exactly the same process so no need to worry!

Start by clicking on ‘Account’ at the top right of the store on OpenSea. This will promt you to unlock your MetaMask account with your password. Do so.

Now onto the exciting part; find the token you wish to purchase and click the picture.

This will take you to the token page and it’s a simple case of clicking ‘Buy Now’ or placing your bid. When you click ‘Buy Now’ this will then automatically open MetaMask in a pop-up and you will see this:

Click ‘Confirm’ within the MetaMask pop up.
And… Viola….

You are now the proud owner of a Amur Leopard!

You have also become a Warden of the Species! Our lingo for saying that you’re a protector! A damn good human being. Thank you!

Kingdom Token donates 25% of initial sales to conservation charities protecting the world’s most endangered species. So, it’s not just an investment, you’ve made a positive impact on the world!

Visit to learn more.

We are currently giving away a rare tokens to the lucky few that are early supporters and sign up to the mailing list. So, it’s worthwhile paying a quick visit now.

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