We Can Change The World and Make You Wealthy Whilst Doing so… Here’s How!

Kingdom Token
Sep 20, 2019 · 3 min read

Making a difference is not speculation with Kingdom Token.

The launch of Kingdom Token is just around the corner! October 6th is the big day! The hype surrounding this project is building, and it’s easy to see why.

Kingdom Token stands out from other cryptocurrency projects as it has a socially good narrative built into the fundamentals.

Kingdom Token has created tokens that represent the most endangered species on Earth. These unique ERC721 tokens are mapped to the relative scarcity of each animal. Thus creating an in-demand, rare and collectible token that can be traded on the open market.

There’s 84 endangered species all with a limited total token supply. For example there are only 750 Sumatran Tigers, 1750 Iberian Lynx, 2000 Blue Whale and 2500 Giant Panda, etc.

The concept is tried, tested and lucrative, having prevailed throughout history across a wide range of mediums. Baseball cards have sold for $3.12m, Pokemon Cards have been traded for $100,000 and more recently, and the best proof of concept (as it’s built using the same ERC721 standard), is CryptoKitties. The most expensive of which traded hands for 600 ETH ($170,000!).

Kingdom Token hasn't just created a collectible for the sake of offering something that’s collectible. Instead they’re looking to make a difference. They’re donating 25% of each initial sale to conservation charities.

If you want to contribute to the preservation of vulnerable creatures, whilst investing in a crypto, here’s your chance.

The solution is elegant and simple; They’re taking the giving out of giving.
Instead, from your perspective it’ll simply be investing. You won’t be donating to conservation charities, Kingdom Token will be.

You will instead be buying a rare, non-fungible token that can be traded on the open market, potentially for a profit.

The speculative element is there, that feeling of excitement and anticipation of reaching the moon is very real. Your ultra rare Bengal Tiger token may be highly sought after!

But, here’s the kicker, making a difference is not speculative. It’ll be real and realized. You will be making a difference to the world, by helping to protect it’s most endangered animals.

So, whatever your attitude is towards risk is, and however you choose to manage your portfolio, consider joining the Kingdom Token ecosystem.
You’ll make a difference.

The higher the buzz and the more you can help share this message, the more successful Kingdom Token will become, so you can start by helping the wider mission by sharing this article with your friends and signing up to the mailing list here.

Right now Kingdom Token are giving away a rare Sumatran Tiger token to one lucky person that’s within the first wave of signups!

Make an investment, make a difference with Kingdom Token.

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