Migraine Relief With Acupuncture

Various factors may increase the onset of migraines, but there is more one way to relieve the pain. According to Migraine.com, there are more than 37 million people suffering from migraines. 91% miss work or cannot function during a migraine attack. Recent studies have proven the link of pain relief with the effective benefits of acupuncture. It is a proven practice that alleviates numerous types of pain.

Migraine occurs when blood flow is restricted to the brain, and can be brought on by muscle pressure, excess stress and elevated tension in the upper body. Chiropractic practices, including Vibration therapy, Massage Therapy and Acupuncture, can be used as pain relief but also as pain prevention. Mixing eastern medical techniques with the western approach of prescribed medication can be very beneficial. The practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine are deeply rooted in treatment approaches for all headaches. Acupuncture and other chiropractic methods help to relieve various types of headaches, from tension and/or stress-related headaches to migraines and any other reoccurring headaches. Occasionally, the prescription medication route is not the viable option. Whether allergies, pregnancy or other reasons, certain pain relievers have to be avoided but the pain persists.

The Dallas Morning News discussed the findings of a 2005 study from the Journal of the American Medical Association. Dr. Chaouki Khoury’s, director of the Baylor Headache Center, conducted a controlled study to prove that the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology was correct. The study proves that acupuncture works when administered properly and references the psychological effects on migraine victim. It is important to visit a licensed professional who specializes in the medicine for the best and safest results. Most migraine cases are chronic and require scaled treatments for effective results. Migraines are often very frustrating not just due to the pain, but also because they are so hard to eliminate. But, if you have not found a method to treat them yet, try acupuncture.

Originally published at kinghealthcenter.com.