Andela Bootcamp — My Experience So Far (Part 3)

The road will be rough, but the tough will make it through.

It has been three days since we started Andela home sessions for cycle 19, and today marks the end. Next, is collaborative development which will take place at Andela office tomorrow and the next.

These past three days has been the most fulfilling days of my year. I’ve learnt a lot about programming and about life in general. I have been privileged to collaborate with smart minds and learn from them, and I will not forget that I have also been able to make contributions in my own little ways, by answering questions in the channels and by posting helpful resources too.

Though this journey was not an easy one, the passion I have for writing computer programs and the commitment I am willing to give it has seen me successful till this point.

Today was a little bit challenging, we were asked to implement binary search using JavaScript. The object to be returned will contain .count — the number of times the function iterated to find the index of the number in question, .index — the index of the number in question, .length — the length of the original array. This can be easily done using the Array.indexOf() but we were blocked form using this, we had to write our own function for it.

This was the most difficult challenge I had to tackle during this home study session, but it was also all fun. I learnt so much about objects and extending them. I was able to understand binary search with the help of an article for Khan Academy.

Other challenges for today were:

  • Find missing array element
  • A simple user interface using HTML and CSS

These I tackled last, and I can tell you, they were a lot more easier.

I am very grateful to my boot camp facilitator assistant, Oreoluwa Banwo, and my boot camp facilitator, Philip Newman. They were very helpful in making this roll out smoothly.

I also thank Jehovah God for seeing me through this.

Tomorrow is another day, I will be going to Andela office for the next stage of the boot camp.

TIA — This is Andela.

Orjiewuru Kingdom Isaac — Aspiring Andelan