Is social media a lawless society? What happens when you focus on the “freedom to speak” vs the “rules of engagement”? Most people want to say whatever they want, but they don’t want to get involved with the solution. Why is that?

Too deep? Let me simplify. Why the hell are you posting your content for people who don’t care so they can make fun of you, ignore you, and troll? There is a biblical saying “casting your pearls before swine” (you aren’t swine by the way 😊) Remember this is written for someone with a purpose that intends to invite others to join their cause (eg. Selling something or an idea). This post is for Leaders.

I know what many of you are thinking- “well nobody listens to you anyway!” And you are right, except for one fact – I don’t care what you think either.

And that’s the point. These days everyone is trying to share their content for any reaction (likes, shares, comments) rather than doing it because they love what they do. Ultimately, we are all looking for attention and the possibility of conversion to our message.

That’s what’s important - conversion.

Let me ask you this : if you only had the ones who cared about you consuming your content, would you still do it? Or do you need a bigger group of people to hopefully see it too? Why do you care if random people see your post?

And that’s where I think we all go wrong (besides me using “and” to start my sentence). We care too much about the wrong people, while the ones who do care get ignored so badly and taken for granted.

This is why content comes and goes so much faster than it used to. I used to listen to an artists album for an entire year before it got old. Now – if it’s 2 weeks old, I’m already looking for something new. What happened to the long term appreciation of somebody’s efforts? Why do we quickly forget and move on?

So what’s the problem with this? Quality of relationships. We all sacrifice quantity for quality. And that just sucks. 98% of our newsfeed aren’t investments in our relationships, goals, or our purpose – they are out of context ads about someone else’s agenda. (Yes your selfie is self promotion)

So how can we overcome this without seeking asylum in a 3rd world country and closing ourselves off?

Rules. It’s all about the rules. Tony Robbins said it best – wanna improve your life? Raise your standards. Limit your network with rules. Separate your interests from your main goals and make the distinction clear.

But this is hard for people, and I have a theory why –

  1. They don’t know their rules (haven’t thought of it, no self awareness, don’t care)
  2. They want the freedom to shift their rules when needed (want to move in and out of circles like vultures – sucking the value out then moving on when things get tough)

I have a very simple challenge for you. Invite all of your social media friends to your next birthday party. Whoever shows up – start there.

So here are a few of my rules:

  1. If you want to engage, say hi. Let’s have a conversation. A real one.
  2. There should be a common interest for us to engage. I don’t need fair-weather friends.
  3. Recognize when you and I are “tourists” in each others lives, and simply appreciate each others work and don’t get so deep into criticisms. Let it go. You aren’t sticking around long enough to help me anyway.
  4. Tell me who your leader is or I’m going to assume it’s you…and that means you should know who you are.

If you don’t want rules, then enjoy the noise of social media.