Facebook Live Video for brands? King Kong says hell yeah!

Today Video is hot. But Live Streaming is burning!

The era of “Live Mobile Immersion” — where you’ll be able to experience the world through a live video— is well underway. We often say that live streaming is our generations closest thing to teleportation :)

The best products support natural tendencies — stuff you’d naturally want to do but can’t because of life’s natural frictions. A great product makes life’s potential more accessible and connected.

This is also a great opportunity for brands and companies to connect with people in a whole new interactive way. We at King Kong agency tested the new Facebook Live streaming and its awesome.

Where we see the potential for our clients with this new feature is authenticity. Honest connection with the customers giving them a whole new perspective about the brand and strriping down the “corporation dogma”.

Using live video brands can live stream moments that will bond a new special connection with their customers, letting them be the part of the journy.

Here are some first hand tips for using Facebook Live Video:

  1. Tell fans ahead of time when you’re going to broadcast.
  2. Ask your viewers to subscribe to receive notifications when you go live.
  3. Write a compelling description before going live.
  4. Go live when you have a strong connection.
  5. Finally, be creative and go live often!

See you live!

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