New matchmaking. What it is all about and what’s next?
War Robots

The problems you identified are the right ones and I am encouraged to see you are putting effort into this. However…

You identified 3 goals for the new matchmaking, but none of them are being demonstrated so far in the system you’ve put into place.

Transparency — there is no info on where I can expect to be placed, no explanation of the influence my weapons/bots have on that placement. Why not give info first rather than just throwing everything into chaos?

Better balancing — there is no balance at all right now. There is something tied to my weapon level — at level 8 weapons I never see anyone with substantially weaker weapons, but they almost always have heavier bots and premium bots that can be levelled all the way up to max. My 4/8 Vityaz against a 10/9 Carnage isn’t balanced in any way.

Better rewards — as you note, this is still under development. Right now I’m not getting much in the way of rewards due to being thrown in with maxed hangars on a regular basis… it’s work just to avoid being meched out while still making a contribution to the team.

Your long term intention may be good, but the short term implementation has been terrible. Essentially you are asking the player base that isn’t in the top tier to just take a beating for a few weeks in order for the ratings to stabilize. I don’t want to be one of these players who tanks their win rate / Elo rating in order to go on a huge winning/reward streak, but the way you’ve implemented this encourages this kind of behaviour. The fact that matches lack any kind of sanity also gives the sense that you don’t really care, which just gives people an excuse to exploit the system.

Just some things to consider for the future…

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