Cross-Chain Breeding — The Crazy Crows Chess Club

The interior of the castle from the Crazy Crows lore.
  1. Free Gold membership to
  2. Monthly profit-sharing via the Founder’s Token *
  3. Mad House breeding (Our burn mechanism) *
  4. Egg Breeding (Our DeFi component) *
  5. Access to secret channels for tournaments, treasure hunts, and airdrops *

Mad House Breeding

The Mad House based on the Crazy Crows lore.
Fig 1
Fig 2
Fig 3
Fig 4
Fig 5

Egg Breeding

This is our second breeding mechanic. That’s right, we have two cross-chain breeding mechanics. They’ll never say Crazy Crows didn’t push the limits!

Fig 6
Fig 7
Fig 8


The Egg NFT concept art. These eggs will live on Polygon.
Fig 9
Fig 10
Fig 11



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