Reason of your fiverr account banned for a new seller

Reason of your fiverr account banned for a new seller

I am going to share my previous experience in fiverr. I opened my fiverr first account before 5 months ago, somedays later account is banned because
I was a new seller so I did not know all rules in fiverr. Any one do not any view, click my gig, I did not know buyer request system,

Rules 1: if any view, or click do not in your fiverr gig within 7 days then account is automatic banned.

Then I communicate in fiverr support and request delete my account from fiverr

You have to wait minimum12 hours
Then you can open 2nd fiverr account with new Mail address.

Rules 2: Please do not try to use with 2 mail to enter your fiverr account if you do, ofcourse your account will be banned, my 2nd account was banned for my wrong.

Of course you will keep your facebook mail, google mail, linkedin mail and fiverr mail same otherwise you can suddenly wrong click to enter your fiverr account.

As a seller, you can not create a custom offer 
Because only buyer can create custom offer

My wrong:
My 3rd account was banned for my wrong
I was sent again and again custom offer to publish seller in community but fiverr does not like this.

Don’t try to create custom offer from sales manage, ofcourse you will be banned any time without knowing you.

All this I communicated with fiverr support team
If your account is banned any reason and hold some dollars then you have to wait 45 days then you will get your dollar back.

Noted: No new account opened, if open a new account then you will not get previous account dollar.

I think it will help a new seller. Because this was my real experience in fiverr.

Noted: Just open a fiverr account, then create some gig and send your desired buyer request and give answer if buyer invite you.

Then your account will not be banned.

Best of luck