Why choose android root with Kingroot apk?

While many Android users just utilize their phones’ basic functions, some want to gain more functionality, and this requires rooting their device. It is a process which gives users more control over their phones, and contrary to popular belief it isn’t difficult or time-consuming to do if you use the right program.

KingRoot APK released its latest version in November, KingRoot 5.0.0. It is 16.3MB in size with a build number of 161 and it will work with Android 2.3 to 5.0. It is widely regarded as the best rooting app to work the android root apk, being extremely easy to use, easy to uninstall, and secure and safe with over 1m users. It works with most brands of Android OS phones, such as Google, Sony, Samsung and Motorola.

KingRoot APK allows you to root the phone by finding the best means of doing so from the cloud, which means internet access must be maintained during the process as it reads the user’s ROM data. Mobile data or WiFi must be on while the process of rooting is carried out, and the process means there is no need to flash your phone, which will be good news for users who find that process lengthy and irritating. The program also contains a feature called PURIFY, which enables optimization of performance by saving battery power, increasing speed, improving standby time and it can also return the phone to its default state if required. The phone must be rooted before PURIFY can be used.

In addition to ease of use this rooting tool can prevent other problems developing too. Some rooting applications may brick or damage the phone but that isn’t true with KingRoot, which is a major recommendation.

Security issues have arisen on the Android OS after industry expert David Manouchehri revealed that the flaw in the Linux OS exploited by the Dirty COW code enables attackers to root phones using any Android OS, as it is based on the Linux kernel. It was previously not known if Android was affected, but the danger appears to be worse than previously thought.

This highlights the need to download a trusted rooting APK from a safe source. There are many apps out there and not all are secure. KingRoot APK can be safely downloaded from APK Mirror or kingroot.net for free. Users regard it as an essential tool for consumers wishing to add custom ROMs or use rooted apps.