Android 6.0 Close Root Permission? Is it Necessary to Root Android Phone?

Due to the Android ecosystem fragmentation intensifies, there have been some rumors that Google is trying to tighten controls on Android so that to close Android system gradually. However, the developers have had a hunch about Google’s action.
Starting from Android 4.3, it has become more and more difficult to root android phone. Here comes a question that if the phone cannot root permissions, how can users manage their cell phones? To solve this problem, Google gives the answer in the I/O Developer Conference last year.
On the 28th May, 2015, Google not only released Android M (6.0 developer preview version), most importantly, but introduced a major improvement, that is, users are allowed to control permissions such as identity, contacts, location information themselves when installing each application.

This means, Google is trying to seal root permissions, but at the same time, is also committed to allowing users to understand more clearly about the application permissions information as well as releasing more privileges on the system. Android phone users can better manage Android phone APP permissions without having to gain root privileges

Does this also mean that, Android users can uninstall preinstalled applications without rooting their phones? The answer is no! New feature of Android 6.0 will be available only to Android software, it is invalid to pre-installed application. Although there are many so called applications that can help you get permissions without rooting, but turns out the results are not satisfactory.

So in terms of the current situation, it is necessary for Android users to gain root privileges for a variety of reasons. As the root difficulty intensifies, what tools can be used to get Android root permissions to 5.0, 6.0 safely and easily?

Recently, KingRoot has announced that 6.0-system models of Nexus series, LG-Z series, Sony d-series, Moto XT10 series etc. can be easily rooted by KingRoot. It would be good news for Android 6.0 users.