Benefits of Root Android Phone

What is root?

Root is equivalent to administrator in Android phones. When rooting, you will get the highest administrative authority of the whole system and access and modify almost all files in the system. To be honest, only rooting can you have the highest level of administrative permissions. Usually on the phone after gaining ROOT permissions will see a granting program highest priority indicates, to a certain extent the prevention of malware attacks, usually using the Superuser or SuperSU.

There are many benefits of rooting android phone.

1. You can back up system.
2. You can use advanced procedures.
3. You can modify, and delete system procedures.
4. You can install the program on the SD card.
5. You can modify the system font. In addition to delete system files, system files can also be modified. /system/fonts is the font folder, download some font replacement is available here
6. You can landscape system. /System/framework is the system files of system beautification. Modifying framework-Res.APK you can achieve a percentage charge, transparent taskbar and other landscaping features. Of course, there are some certain risks of modifying files under/system/. Please do not change if you are not sure.
7. You can backup software of the system. With titanium backup and other applications we can backup software, system settings, and so on.
8. You can manage post to restart software. After you install multiple software, the boot will be part of the application to run automatically in the background or run automatically when the device link to internet.That not only slowed our uptime but comes out many software device information. When rooting, we can use third party software to stop and shield them.
9. You can control the CPU frequency and voltage. You can control hardware devices, such as controlling the CPU voltage and frequency so that to control mobile phone power.

There are still many benefits of getting android phone rooting. However, every coin has two sides. Therefore, you should think carefully and check if you need these features of your phone.