`[Step-by-Step Guide] How to Use KingsPass to Power Your Upcoming Event

Nov 22, 2016 · 5 min read
All-new events ticketing and management platform by KingsChat!

What is KingsPass?

KingsPass is an events ticketing and management platform by KingsChat! It enables event organizers to create events, connect with attendees, check-in with KingsChat QR codes and much more — for free! It is available now at http://event.kingsch.at.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to take advantage of KingsPass tools for your upcoming ministry, business or outreach event.

Step 1: Create a KingsPass Event Organizer Account

You can create your event organizer account at http://event.kingsch.at.

First, click the ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Create Your First Event’ button to do this.

Then, complete the sign up process.

Step 2: Create Your Event

You can begin the process by clicking the ‘Create Event’ button on the dashboard.

Next, you would need to provide the ‘Event Title’ (ex: New York Youth Outreach 2016) and a ‘Cover Image’.

Next, you are required to provide the ‘Date’ of the event. There is a required ‘Day Name’ field (ex: Day 1). Please note that if it’s an event holding on multiple dates, you can use the ‘Add Another Day’ option to provide the dates.

Please note that there is an ‘Advanced Ticketing Option’ that helps you create and name multiple, color-coded ticket types (ex: Standard Ticket, Student Ticket, VIP Ticket, etc).

Finally, you’ll be required to provide the Event Location. The ‘Venue’ field requests for the title of the location such as ‘The Civic Center, Victoria Island’ while the ‘Event Address’ requests for the full address of the venue so that it can be integrated directly with Google Maps, as shown in the preview.

Once the steps above are completed, the event will be created and you can click on the event to view the various sub-sections available: Attendees, Schedule, Info, Notifications, Files, API & Edit Event.

Step 3: Adding Attendees To Your Event

Currently, you can do this either by ‘Manually Inputting their KingsChat Phone Number’ or by ‘Uploading a CSV Spreadsheet Containing their KingsChat Phone Numbers’.

Once attendees have been successfully added, you can view the list of all attendees, search for specific people, revoke tickets and more!

Note that attendees will receive a push notification in KingsChat immediately alerting them that they have been ticketed for the event and the event will now appear in their ‘My Events’ section of KingsChat and in their KingsPass mobile app (available on Play Store & App Store).

Step 4: Populating Your Event’s KingsPass Information with Schedule, Information & Files

For each day of your event, you have the ability to add a ‘Detailed Schedule’. You can provide a title for each session, the start time and end time, the exact location (or conference room) being used, the color code and a detailed description of the session.

In the KingsPass mobile app, the ‘Schedule’ appears like this:

You can also upload general information that will appear in the ‘Info’ section of the app and files that will appear in the ‘File’ section of the app.

In addition, you can upload detailed Floor Maps for your venue to help guide attendees.

Step 4: Sending Notifications to Your Attendees

You can send push notifications to your event attendees, who have installed the KingsPass app via the ‘Notifications’ section of your event.

Step 5: Taking Advantage of the ‘LIVE’ Streams

If your event will be streaming live, once the stream begins, you can post the RTMP Stream Link in the ‘Live’ section of the event and this will appear as a ‘Watch Live’ tag in the Schedules section of the KingsPass app.

Step 6: [For Developers] Taking Advantage of the API

If the event organizing team has software engineers, you can take advantage of the elaborate API documented here: https://event.kingsch.at/api_docs to manage your event without having to use the web dashboard. Each event has a unique API key that is provided once the event is created.

Step 7: Using the Check-In Scanner App on the Event Day

Finally, event organizers can take advantage of a dedicated QR code scanner app for their event to check-in attendees on d-day. The check-in app is available on the Play Store & App Store.

First, you would need to add e-mail addresses and passwords for everyone who would have access to the scanner app.

Next, those granted access to the scanner app can login with their credentials and beginning scanning the QR code of each ticketed attendee.

Kindly note that the scanner app has a ‘SYNC’ feature which lets you download attendee information directly to the mobile app so it can work offline without internet access.

If you have any question or concern, please contact us at support@joinkingschat.com or visit the KingsChat Forum at http://kingschatforum.com to get quick answers. #KeepKinging


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