Why Invest In KingsCoin?

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2 min readSep 15, 2018

Hello, KingsCoin community! Today we want to introduce you all to our official Medium channel. We will be posting regular updates on this channel, as well as helpful links, guidelines, and our mission for this project. We are so happy you are interested in our project and we want to tell you all what we’re about at KingsCoin.

KingsCoin recognizes that there’s a problem in cryptocurrency. That problem is that the transactional value of cryptocurrency was the original draw, but the market for a crypto that serves only a transactional purpose is now extremely saturated. If small cap coins are to survive, they must offer something unique from the rest. To meet that demand, we’ve developed KingsCoin.

KingsCoin does offer a fast, secure, and safe payment method that is easy to use and has all the benefits of cryptocurrency. However, this isn’t our only selling point. We are a real company that offers real services. Our flagship products are translation services, dubbing services, and voice over services. When you invest in KingsCoin, you are investing in a company that will generate revenue.

We believe that this meets a huge market demand. Investments in legitimate companies will never go out of style. We’re making investing more accessible to the average investor and combining that with the safe payment method of crypto. There must be projects out there that want to appeal to the masses, and we are one of them.

Thank you for reading our brief summary of the project. We hope you follow along and become an active community member in our Discord: https://discord.gg/JWqnjnQ

We will be doing giveaways, bounties, and other opportunities to win free KGS, so be sure to join and take part!

Thank you!



Kings Coin

KingsCoin (KGS) is a cryptocurrency that is based on a real company. We are aiming to increase the utility of crypto beyond traditional transactional use.