What is Shared Hosting?

King Servers B.V.
Nov 15, 2018 · 3 min read

Choosing a hosting type may be a real problem if you do not understand the difference between them. We will try to explain what shared hosting is in plain words and tell about its advantages and disadvantages.

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So what is shared hosting?

The term “hosting” originates from the English word “host”, which goes for the owner of a house, receiving guests. This perfectly captures the essence of shared hosting — a guest place for a site on one big server.


  • it does not need special skills;
  • this is quite inexpensive hosting;
  • the provider usually offers full service for free;
  • a domain and an SSL certificate are often provided as a gift, too;
  • if the site is under a DDOS attack the provider fends it off.


  • sites with a large amount of information will lack resources;
  • limited administrative rights;
  • you will share the server with other clients of the provider, which may lead to malfunction.

This option is perfect for smaller sites that do not contain a large amount of information. For example:

  • a landing page;
  • an online business card;
  • a small blog or forum;
  • a corporate site;
  • an online store with a very narrow range of goods.

Given that providers usually offer a number of extra services for free even a beginner will cope with managing a site on a shared server. For example, the King Servers provider will even transfer your site for free.

What is the difference between VPS and shared hosting?

A VDS/VPS hosting is a dedicated and isolated part of a virtual server. The difference from a shared hosting lies in this isolation. Whatever happens at another site located on this server, this will not affect your site.

A VPS is a middle ground between a shared hosting and a full server.

Its advantages:

  • it has the same properties as a separate server. This means that you will have your personal IP address, a filter, and a port. You will be able to administer the server completely: change its system settings, install the necessary software, configure the mail system and proxy server if you need;
  • as the hardware is built by professionals, it ensures uninterrupted server operation. Your site will be reliably online;
  • the hosting provider always takes care of the security of their servers. And as your site is located on a separate and isolated part of a virtual server it negates the risk of infection from neighbouring sites;
  • if you need, you can change the configuration of the server and lower or increase its performance at any time.

With all these advantages, VPS hosting clearly prevails over shared one. It gives more opportunities to the webmaster, providing a powerful and flexible service. Of course, this variant has some disadvantages:

  • A VPS is more expensive than a shared hosting. Yet it is cheaper than a full server is.
  • For administration, you need a specialist, and this is extra cost.

How to choose a shared hosting provider?

First, too cheap hosting looks suspicious. As the price includes maintenance, it cannot cost too little. Seductively low prices are usually offered by providers who give their customers both space on the service and a number of problems. It is inappropriate to save money at the expense of site stability and quality of services.

If you want to see whether a hosting meets your needs, a trial period will give you the opportunity. You should clarify how long you can test the service for free. This time may vary but if the provider does not offer a trial period at all, this is also a reason to doubt the quality of the services.

When choosing the location of your hosting you should ensure that the site does not violate the laws of the country. Give preference to a location next to your target audience to ensure maximum download speed.

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