Which CMS platform to choose?

Desperate to roll out a portal for your city/neighborhood ?
Below are my inputs of which CMS to choose

eDirectory and Brilliant directories are good cost effective CMS for begineers, But when i subscribed to eDirectory i found that they have fewer features and poor designs. You would be happy paying for the subscription but may be you expect that you get value for what you’ve been paying.

Wordpress? we can only publish stories only. Wordpress has great templates but not enough features to your city portal or a business directory.

On other note, BlackMonk has indeed enormous features and beautiful designs but the cost to build the portal is steep. You will like their SaaS Edition though. Maybe BlackMonk is designed for high volume visitors used by publishers.

Bottom Line:
A good place to start when it comes to nailing down your requirements is to make the list of features you expect from a CMS platform. Then start to narrow down the list until you’re down to just a handful of essential features required to start the portal.