The power of entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship, the word which forces you to think differently. These days, it’s common everywhere to see a clone of the same existing ideas followed by some newcomers. Everyone embarks like this.Be it you or me. This blog is all about how you can create the difference. How your product can be different even it be a clone. After all, copying is an art. It takes effort and makes you sweat.

October 8, 2016, was the day I was watching DID(Dance India Dance) Mom(Hahaha! it is the another version of DID champs/kids, give a search on Youtube ). I started seeing the same video again and again and found that something is missing. Something very big which is not yet addressed by the society. It was the body called DAD (Father!) thought more into it and texted my colleague Shubhangi Bansal, the lady who works very hard when It comes to teamwork and it was 2 in the morning. I asked her, what do you when you want to connect yourself with your father? What is his life lesson which you want the whole world should know? And, she was like Bhai ! 2 baje yeh bakwaas ? I told her please tell if you like to be the part of this project? (Which was just idea, I played bluff with her: P ) and her answer was yes, count me in. I told cool, let’s hop on a call and discuss some other day. And at 2:15 am, DADPRENEUR(There is a story behind this name: P) took birth. The urge to connect each and every family members in a new and cool way on the basis of like-minded and similar thoughts, not on the basis of age.And, the work started.

It was October 15, 2016, I brought two pen red and black and started going to random people and ask them to write anything they want to write about their parents.I was amazed at the write-ups I collected in the middle of the Tea stall, burger shop and other public places(I am good at this, try me :P).Kept doing it for next 3 months. But thought, I have to think something more into this as I cannot keep collecting this from 1.25 million + people. And, the god made me connect to the tech guy, Amol Roy. The man, I can trust with a blindfold on.

And the calendar turned to December 12, 2016, I started forming a team. Had, no Idea how to lead any but thought of trying and learning than just sitting and thinking. The days started passing off and now more than 40+ people from top colleges is a part of this venture in some way around. Things were started falling into my lines.

My team , My power(Many are not here : P)

March 2017, The time came when it started getting shortlisted at B-plan competitions of top colleges of University Of Delhi to IIT- Delhi. And, team started finding motivation to work more.Though, I care a less about any competitions because any single competitions cannot generate you the future of your company. In middle of this journey, I have lost many old folks, met many new big entrepreneurs. Went to the different event to promote the idea and asking them a free suggestion.

Then thought, why not to make this international? Answering the same question, I filed the Next Gen Summit 2017 form and got selected. (

In this journey of mine, I have worked for start-ups like my ass off. Never thought which is small or big, instead just worked. And the day is here, where I have been selected among the top 250 fellows at The Kairos Society( and preparing my kit and team to take it to silicon Valley.

I feel very humble to share this image with you all !

Let’s hustle and grow like hell !

Thanks !