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Product, Design and UX at @Headout. ✍️ about Design, Products, and Teams. For more:

Trends that will affect designers, product folks, and people in tech.

I use near years as an arbitrary check-point to reconcile thoughts, notes, and ideas gathered over the last year, and the year before that. Reflecting at and adding from the notes a year before, hopefully, makes sure that good ideas go forward, and short-term noise is easy to spot & drop.

Case study in building a design framework for millions of tickets.

Millions of customers from over 120 countries use Headout every month to book experiences like guided tours, attractions, and activities.

How not to throw baby with the bath water.

Headout sells experiences (e.g., tours, attractions, events, live shows) across the world. Millions of customers find & book experiences with us using our websites and apps (products). I recently joined the Headout team to solve design & product problems.

Instamojo’s next innovation in link-based commerce:

Payment Links, launched in 2016, achieved the product-market fit for Instamojo. Lakhs of MSMEs use Payment Links to collect payments every day.

The Problems


Making of credit lines that disbursed over ₹100 million in 60 days of launch

“It takes too long for the money to reach my account.”

Businesses use Instamojo to receive a payment. It takes up to 3 working days for the money to hit their bank account (payout). Settlement cycles are an industry standard (T+3 settlement cycle).

  • The business requires cash to buy inventory
  • When the salaries and payables come due
  • When digital payments is the only sales channel (most digital payment…

Redesigning & rebranding products that people use every day

In August this year (2018), we launched Instamojo’s new brand (along with a new line of products). As a part of the rebranding, we redesigned our products across the web and mobile platforms.

  • How much should the design, interface, and experience change?
  • How will it affect the business and experience of our existing customers? How much time will they spend retraining their staff?
  • How long will it take to conceptualise, iterate, test, and deliver? How much time do we have?
  • How many people would we need?

We had 45 days to get everything…

Lessons & challenges in designing a digital product experience for underserved businesses.

In the past, a simple computer would need an entire room. Today, you can wear 100 times that power on your wrist. Thanks to technology and the disruption it brings, computers have evolved from enterprise undertakings to consumer products.


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