Solving problems & defending margins with just a link: Smart Links

Instamojo’s next innovation in link-based commerce:

Payment Links, launched in 2016, achieved the product-market fit for Instamojo. Lakhs of MSMEs use Payment Links to collect payments every day.

The Problems

Businesses use Payment Links to close sales. Their customers raise a query over a call, WhatsApp/Instagram chat, SMS, etc. They send Payment links to their customer once the price is final.

From being a pain-killer, Payment Links could become a pain.

Making sense of customer requests

Our customers range from individuals to companies serving pan-India. We were getting hundreds of feature requests from them.

The customer is always right — about the problems they face and they trust professionals to find the right solutions.

While taking note of their feature requests, we discussed:

  1. How do they solve the problem today?
  2. If we had the feature today, what else would they need to switch from their existing solution?

It’s not enough to take a feature request and build it. There will be no adoption if the switching cost is high.

Speaking to them, we learned these were the most important problems they wanted us to solve:

  1. Data collection with payment: Businesses have a stack of departments to deliver the end results. Each department needs data to work. Eg: warehouse, shipping, admission department in school/colleges, etc
  2. Looking professional & trustworthy: businesses wanted to change the design & content. This would ensure consistency with their brands
Some of the features that we prioritized for Smart Links v1.
  • Everything else is optional and grouped where the feature had similar end results. Eg: Data collection features are in one group

The “Smart” in Smart Links

Smart Links are not about more features. They are smart because they understand the intention behind the feature.

Let’s take a feature request from our list earlier:

  1. Shipping Address (sale of a product that requires shipping)
  2. Billing & Shipping Addresses may be different.
  3. Company Name
  1. State
  2. City
  3. Pincode
  1. State
  2. City
  3. Pincode
  4. GSTN
  5. Company Name
The customer making the payment only has to fill what’s necessary. Businesses can ask for lot of details without overwhelming the customer.

Every feature in Smart Links is smart like that 😎.


Within 60 days of launch, 7% of our monthly active users (MAU) adopted Smart Links with zero budget spent on marketing.

They created beautiful Smart Links:

Defending margins

Smart Links solve problems for lakhs of businesses and their customers. It also adds to Instamojo’s competitive advantage in the payments business.

While our competition has to slash prices to acquire & retain customers, our customers are happy to pay more for the problems we solve.


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