By Anar Enhsaihan

What’s the difference between cryptocurrencies and real money?

You may have heard about cryptocurrencies before but still don’t understand how they compare to the fiat currencies that you hold in your wallet or bank account. Someone may have bored you to tears about the technical details behind cryptocurrencies when you were actually more interested in what makes it so different from regular money, or as I’ll refer to in this article, fiat currencies.

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Is blockchain really going to take off? If you have to ask yourself this, then you haven’t been keeping tabs on the market. While crypto is currently experiencing a lull, underlying blockchain tech is taking off — not just for future-tech projects and hobbyists, but for big business now, too. Over the past couple of years, businesses like IBM and Bank of America have been filing patent after patent, in the hopes of securing themselves some critical blockchain mechanisms to fuel business in the years to come.

Is it time to upskill as a dev?

The blockchain patent party has begun

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You know that something is going mainstream when the world’s largest businesses start cornering their share of the market. We’re currently experiencing an upswing in patent applications from the likes of IBM, Amazon, Bank of America, and Mastercard. Blockchain is going mainstream.

Here are just a few of the incoming patent applications we’re seeing in this rush to patent blockchain technology — and what it means for you.

Bank of America: Going full throttle on blockchain patents

If you want to see what corporate America is doing in the blockchain space, then you needn’t look further than Bank of America. The entity now has filed over 50 patents, with

And here it is. The real indication that the future will be underpinned by blockchain. Here comes the patent cavalcade, with big guns like IBM and Mastercard both applying to patent over 100 different blockchain-related inventions. But is this rush to patent an inherently decentralized technology a step towards a future where decentralization is the norm? And doesn’t patenting go against the very notion of decentralization?

To investigate further we need to take a deep dive; both into the history of patent booms and their associated ongoing effects, as well as take a look into the uptrend into the notion…

January 16–18, the James L. Knight Center will welcome back a throng of decentralized movers and shakers for The North American Bitcoin Conference — a Keynote event. And before the conference, Kingsland University is offering an executive education opportunity for those ready to add blockchain to their repertoire.

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The 2019 conference is unlike any of its predecessors. This time around, TNABC is the centerpiece in a whole week of blockchain and crypto events in Miami. …

December 4th, 2018 — Atlanta, Georgia

Kingsland University — School of Blockchain has been named a winner in the Most Innovative Product of the Year — Education and the Start-up of the Year categories at the 8th Annual Best in Biz Awards, the only independent business awards program judged by prominent editors and reporters from top-tier publications.

Kingsland’s world-leading blockchain training program once again proves its position as the foremost educator in emerging and disruptive technologies by being recognized for its innovative impact on business and society.

“Blockchain as a technology offers solutions to the world’s most pressing problems; blockchain…

Author: John Souza

Whether you’re deep into token sales and monitor your bitcoin valuation on an hourly basis, or you’re a crypto naysayer who looks on ICOs as a fool’s mission, one thing is for sure: cryptocurrency has changed the way the world thinks about and uses money. Bubble or no bubble, here are five ways cryptocurrencies are changing the future of money:

1. Enabling peer-to-peer transactions. One of the founding purposes of cryptocurrency was to create an alternative to centralized banks. By removing intermediaries such as banks, bitcoin and altcoins have sent shockwaves through the traditional financial services industry…

Author: Jason King

So, your interest in blockchain is piqued. You’ve heard tell about the promises for the technology — everything from generating trillions of dollars in business value-add to making it easier to know where your Thanksgiving turkey was born and bred.

But will the blockchain truly be, as some pundits predict, “bigger than the internet?”

I think so. And here are four potential impact areas that just might convince you, too.

1. Banking.

Because of its affiliation with cryptocurrencies and its natural affinity to markets and exchanges of all types, banking and fintech are among the first realms…

Author: John Souza

Despite a growing amount of press surrounding the potential for blockchain to revolutionize the way virtually every industry interacts and does business, most of the predictions have been pure speculation. There’s been relatively little detail about how blockchain will impact your bottom line.

That is, until now.

A host of new forecasts put hard numbers to the potential of blockchain, and emphasize the need for enterprises to move quickly to understand how the distributed ledger technology can and will impact your business — before you miss the boat.

Here are a few of the latest data points…

To make an impact, sometimes you need to move mountains — or navigate flood waters. And navigating flood waters in Iloilo has been a mission unto itself over the past month. It’s been a very wet lead-up to our first regional Philippines cohort.

Extreme rains during the month of July saw many of the venues for our scholarship exams washed out, and widespread disruption to the fiber-optic network disconnected internet access intermittently across the region, which meant potential students were unable to undertake exams until later in July. And despite this, we had nearly 300 potential students turn out for…

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