KingSlayer is a promising project. Our MMORPG is based on blockchain. Its token is listed on the Exrates exchange, which gives it a lot of advantages.

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Blockchain is the cornerstone of our project. It’s blockchain that most of the processes in the game are integrated with. All information about major changes in the game is recorded in blockchain. Token transfers inside of the game space are processed with the help of transparent and secure Smart Contracts.

In this article we would like to introduce you to the blockchain economy of KingSlayer as well as to our token and the Ethereum platform which will serve as a core of our game. …

Ladies and gentlemen, let us welcome you to Medium — our channel for the KingSlayer project. Our startup is currently at PreICO and ICO is not far away. We would like to tell you more about the project and its investment potential.

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Note. Even though it’s PreICO, our token is already on the Exrates exchange platform. The exchange is in the top-3 in Indonesia. Its daily volume is 41 million dollars.

You can download the beta-version of the game from the official project website

Soon, you will learn a lot more interesting details about the game. You will learn about its capabilities, functional characteristics and how it is integrated with the Blockchain technology. …

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