Life has always been full of challenges — a fact none can dispute. Sometimes, it does not get any easy unless it gets tough at some point. As a matter of fact, there is a common saying that “nothing good comes easy”; thus, it was against this backdrop that I had myself prepared for the unforeseen obstacles and limiting factors that may raise their ugly heads as I embark on the journey to achieving greatness.

First of all, life in Lagos! Honestly, I’m sure I won’t be out of place to consider Lagos a world of its own. The population size is way out of proportion considering its relatively small total land mass. It is so overpopulated that people bump into each other while walking as if they are in blindfolds. It is as if one must learn and master the act of maneuvering his or her way through the crowd on a daily basis if one must get to his or her destination in clean clothes. Also, the rickety buses are also of major concern, if one is not careful enough, he or she might end up at his destination with torn clothes. The language barrier is just another issue that got me so frustrated too. Sometimes, I feel so different and alienated when I attempt to communicate using the lingua franca (English Language) and I get responded to with the Yoruba language — a language I find difficult to understand even its smallest and simplest word. Again, the food and the way of life are way too different from what I have been accustomed to. The traffic jam and the early morning ‘mad rush’ can’t be left out of the list. It’s so frustrating when I have to wake up early to be punctual only for me to get stuck in traffic and arrive late.

Bootcamp activities, hmm! Cycle XXVI bootcamp has been quite challenging as it has always been in other cycles. The daily activities are so tasking and attention demanding that I had to even squeeze out time for lunch. Often times, the length of the day is not even enough to complete the day’s task. To compensate, I had to put in extra efforts to make sure I’m up to speed, and it’s been quite stressful and energy draining. Again, working with new tools that I am less familiar with was, also, one of the major blockers I faced. To become conversant with them, I had to crawl the Internet to acquire skills on how to use some of these tools.

In conclusion, my ability to adapt when faced with situations I am not familiar with was actually put to test, and I took advantage of my flexible nature to be able to overcome the numerous challenges I faced.

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