There is a common saying that experience is the best teacher. I cannot agree less with this popular saying, after all, I have learnt and, of course, still learning from life’s experience. My knowledge base is so enriched with, I would say, so many learning outcomes. Like a child would learn how hurting and burning fire is after touching it, I have also learn, lately, in that regard. Honestly, I feel much better equipped an prepared to face challenging tasks than I used to be. Thanks to Andela for inviting me to the bootcamp.

Lagos life, hmm! I find it hard to use the right adjective or phrase to describe it. In fact, I would rather say, it’s a world of its own. the way of life here is abstract to me. Growing up in a relatively peaceful and densely populated area obviously did not prepare me to some day phase tough scenarios and way of life like a typical Lagosian. Imagine how stressful it is to deny yourself a good night sleep, not because you chose to, but because you are compelled to by the current situation you find yourself. On daily basis, I arrive home late in the night. Sometimes 11: 00 PM. What is terrifying about this is that I still have to wake up as early as 5: 00 AM, if I must make early to the bootcamp. Very annoying, but I have to face it and deal with it, and I have been trying.

Next, the food. It is as if more than half of Lagosians love eating vegetables. Venture into any restaurant for a decent meal, and you will be told they only have vegetable and stew. I have no choice, I have to accept the reality, and force those tiny little creatures living inside of me to feed on whatever I swallow.

Notwithstanding; however challenging life in Lagos is, it is one of the most interesting mega cities in the world to live in.