So far, it has been quite challenging, and also wonderfully interesting. I have had the privileged to interact with people of different cultural, political and social backgrounds — people with brilliant minds, positive attitudes and, of course, growth mindset, such that I doubt if there is any participant that will end his boot camping uninspired. Not only have I experienced and benefited an exemplary display of professionalism from the facilitators and LFAs, boot camp has also opened my eyes to the realization that knowledge is, indeed, in the ‘air’; the key to acquiring it is dependent on how far one is willing to push his or her limit of curiosity.

Yes, boot camp has been awesome, the relationship has been so fantastic; but, honestly, my resolve, commitment, passion to succeed even amidst earth quaking difficulties were at some points put to test. And it has taught me the importance of always pushing on, no matter the setbacks and unforeseen limiting circumstances.

More so, being at the boot camp has also taught me how to survive the challenges of living in a mega city like Lagos. In fact, what could be more annoying after waking up early to catch the morning bus so at to arrive early only for one to get stuck in a traffic jam and end up being late. The hassles of living in Lagos was actually overbearing at first, having been living my life in a relatively quiet town in Delta, however, I was able to adapt.