Bootcamp has been quite impactful, yes. But there is also the challenging part of it too. The stress from the complexity of the challenging daily task are enough to make a child at tender age grow gray hair. Although, it is widely chorused that no or little programming experience is required, but if my experience is to go by, then I will recommend, for any aspiring Andelan who care to listen, a thorough preparation before applying. That is not to say one must not necessarily become a Mark Zuckerberg or a Bill Gate or, at least, have a near wealth of knowledge compared to these brainiacs to become fit to compete in the selection processes.

It all began with the home study. But then, it was fun! Writing codes that runs in a too dynamic and syntactic language like python was a beacon of hope that eclipses the eyes from seeing what was too obvious and glaring — the monumental heap of challenging tasks that lies ahead. At the bootamp, sometimes, I look at faces and it is never too difficult to make out what mood they have been thrown into. If you are a programmer, and you have tried fixing a bug that you can’t even locate, you will not hesitate to be on the same page. Indeed, “This Is Andela” (T.I.A.), a true definition of standard, and it’s only for the best of the bests! And reality has dawn on me that my journey of aspiring to become a world class developer has just begun, and I haven’t seen nothing yet. However, I am equal to the task, come what may.

Experience?! Too numerous to mention. Should I start by driving your mind through the road of how professional the LFAs are? Or should I start by taking you on an endless path how disciplined and approachable Andelans are? As a matter of fact, I became more inspired and encouraged to become part of this great “Andelan famiy” like I ever was, even though I still don’t subscribe to that verbal impression I had earlier expressed my concern. People, don’t get it twisted. Andela is worth the stress, the hassles and the challenges. It’s a pathway that leads to the discovery of one’s level of brilliance. Honestly, I have acquired more knowledge withing this period than I have ever had. The self-learning clinic was quite impactful. The facilitators are so wonderful and passionate about the feelings of the boot campers. My collaborative skills has taken a quantum leap. Also, I have learnt how important it is for one to own up and take responsibilities of actions and inactions. In fact, the list is endless, it goes on and on…

Thanks to Andela! Can’t wait to be part of the family.

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