EPIC, the acronym for the values Andela is known for. Like me, you probably would be wondering what it stands for. It stands for Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Collaboration. I could remember when the question “what are Andela’s EPIC values?” was thrown at me during the in-person interview process. Though I was so quick to answer the question with a perfect and charming smile on my face just to prove how rich my knowledge about Andela was to the interviewers, but to be candid and honest, I never knew to what degree and how weighty those words are, even though I had memorize them fully. To me, they were just like any other words. But my discovery would later paint a clear picture of the real meaning of every word each character in the acronym represents other that its connotative implication, and, of course, the values it carries. And sincerely, this does not come after a thorough reflection on each of these words.

Excellence, the one word that has challenged my mental capacity to always do what others would want to use as reference — it can be seen in all they do at Andela. I brought to my senses why I must always strive to the best in all I find myself competing with others, at least. Passion is not left out, internally it burns. My reflection on it have further added more fuels that propels me towards achieving dreams. I have learnt the importance of remaining strong, persistent and consistent even in when faced with the numerous and unending list mitigating factors. What could be excellence, or even passion without integrity? It’s like attempting to drive a car with flat tires to your destination. It will definitely take you now where, not matter how much effort you put in. My reflection on this key word has brought to my realization that one must as well be principled to be example of a person of integrity. Collaboration, at least, there is a common saying that goes as thus: “A tree cannot make a forest.” It takes trees a community of inter-twining trees with inter-locking branches and leaves to form a forest. These famous quote above portrays the importance of this word better than I can attempt, so I will rather not go any further.

In all, it was a worthy reflection that paid up. And it has been a regular exercise that I always engage myself with ever since the first day my curiosity to know why I was asked the question faithful question that triggered my curiosity. Indeed, Andela is EPIC!