Disney travel

Hello everybody, today I’m going to talk about my experience having tea at Disney World’s Grand Floridian Resort last week. Unfortunately it was a really not sooo good vacation because I fell ill while we were in Florida and had to spend almost the entire vacation in the hospital there…

But before I got sick I was able to do a few fun activities like visit Disney Springs, have a spa, and have noon tea party at the amazing restaurant, so I’d like to remember all of the wonderful memory instead of thinking the bad moments of this holiday. Because this will be a bit of a short entry, and then I will present my sponsor devilinspired!

This time i choose a souffle song lolita dress to collabroate with devilinspired. And i will post in instagram and make a blog review about this dress as our collabroation.Souffle Song (Neverland Lolita Taobao) is a very popular and professional brand of lolita clothing.

Devilinspired.com is reseller of a chinese shop. Their shop really has sooo many pretty lolita dresses. You can see many many lolita style here. Other chinese lolita brand also can get here such as: Infanta,Souflle song,lace garden, Doris night and pink up so on……

Hope your guys love this devilinspired review.:)

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