My first lolita review

Last month i bought a lolita dress from Since my sister is a lolita lover so she recommend to try this lolita style. At the first i am not interested it at all since i know nothing about it! But at my sister’s strongly recommend i decided to try this style for one time.

First of all i am sooo serious about which shop to choose because i find so many people write their shopping lolita experience but some are not so good someone says they paid the dress but not get any information then someone says the shipping speeding is soo slow about 2 months.

When i am concerned about the shop to choose my sister informed me that last dear she bought twice in
The shopping experience is very very nice! The price is pretty reasonable and the customservice is also very great!

Devilinspired site introduce the shipping time around 7 days about my order dress and i am sooo happy in 10 days i get my package and without no problem in local custom i am really satisfied with this.:)

When i am opening my package i will be crazy about my sweet pink dress soooo beautiful and the chiffon material is soft enough and get a card about the devilinspired card. I am really happy about this shopping experience!

Devilinspired review is my first lolita review hope your guys love my post!