Recreation Center: Most Sociable Places

I am currently attending Western Washington university and my favorite part on campus is the Wade King Student Recreation Center and it was first opened in 2003. It’s located on the South Campus of Western Washington University. The Recreation Center offers many activities and pieces of equipment for students. Downstairs at the Rec Center, there is a weight room, a basketball court, a volleyball court, a mountain climbing wall, the Rocks Edge Cafe, and a lounge area. Upstairs there are cardio and weight machines, an indoor track, fitness class rooms and so much more. There’s a changing room downstairs and upstairs. Lockers are available for personal belongings, and close by the bathrooms there is a pool available for students. Like many others Gymnasium in college or university they most likely have the same design upstairs and downstairs.

Some would assume that Rec Centers are probably the last place you would make new friends, however, the Rec Center is probably the best place to meet new friendly people. The environment and the people who work there are very sociable. Personally, when I go to the Recreation Center, I always meet someone new and we end up becoming friends. The most famous place I have met new people is at the climbing wall, because people are so nice when it comes to helping you with techniques to use. I have never met so many people who are very kind and outgoing. The atmosphere at the Recreation Center create diverse and healthy community.

As I walk in and look around at my surroundings, I begin to already feel comfortable because no one is staring at me or judging me. I will probably say there are about 400 people at the Rec Center every day. Rec Centers are so big and the way they are constructed is pretty amazing because when you look outside through the glass windows you can see nature at its finest. There is so many room space available at the Rec center, so if you want to do your own work out there is always space available. If you ever feel like you’re not using the tools correctly, there are trainers who can help you if you need assistance. Don’t ever be shy to ask for support because the staff is very helpful and friendly. It’s astonishing how gymnasiums offer trainers to help you if you are beginner.

When I’m working out I usually bring earbuds to use them when I go on the treadmill but when I go downstairs to the weight room, I try not to use them because they usually play loud music that you don’t need to use your earbuds. The most famous working out song is “I feel good by James Brown.” Sometimes they would play it downstairs. People are nice when it comes to sharing equipment. When I’m waiting for the person to be done using the squat rack, people are so generous because they would tell me “keep working on other workouts I’ll come get you once I’m done.” This always happens and it always makes me question why people are so affable.

You would think that once you walk into the Rec Center it would smell funky… surprisingly, you don’t smell anything nasty or gross at the Rec Center just a fresh smell. It always surprises me how it can smell so fresh because there are so many people sweating. I like how the whole place is really organized and freshly cleaned. The equipment desks offer towels for free for those who sweat a lot, they are also lockers available to rent if you need to keep your personal belonging safe.

The best part about going to the Rec Center is after hours working out, I always treat myself by getting a medium smoothie and a panini. The Rocks Edge Café has the best panini’s and smoothie. You would hear sometimes people debate about which is the best smoothie some would say “I always get the banging berry.” Others would say “I like banging berry but my favorite is Jamaican jammer.” Some would even become friends just talking about what is their favorite smoothie.


One online reading has shown that it’s easy to make new friends at the gym. Some use the Rec Center or any gym to socialize and others use earbuds as a “No talking” sign. illustrates the best way you can start a conversation with a new person is by giving them a compliment. It is called “the best opener” because the gym is the best place a person can get out of their comfort zone. If you’re in need of making friends, I’ll suggest not to wear earbuds or headphones all the time. The only time I will use my earbuds is when I’m on the treadmill.

The Recreation Center is the best place to go if you want to get your mind off things and meet new people. One of my best friends goes to the Rec Center all the time to do her assignments and work out because she says “it’s the most social place on campus.” Through the years, the Rec Center is going to be a one of the favorite places for incoming freshmen who are looking to meeting new people.

The western Washington Rec Center