Multi-language support is very important to globalize Application. There are many tutorials that provide a solution for multiple languages in a flutter. But I found a very easy way to support multiple languages. Here we do not need to use language JSON files instead we can create an abstract String class.

Customize UI with Custom Clipper to make an attractive app

Flutter comes with a different widget like ClipRect, ClipRRect, and ClipOval which are useful to create custom shapes but we can only create few shapes using that, while we can create any type of shapes using the ClipPath.

In this article, I will talk about creating a custom path using CustomClipper and use it in ClipPath. Let’s start.


ClipPath is used to create a very custom widget of any shape. ClipPath has a clipper property that requires a custom clipper.

To create a custom clipper, you need to create a class that extends CustomClipper<Path> and must override two methods.

Follow best practice to improve the quality of code and productivity

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Best practices are professional standards that are acceptable in a field and it’s very important for any programing language to improve code quality, readability, maintainability, and robustness.

Let’s explore some best practices for designing and developing the Flutter app.

Naming convention:

Classes, enums, typedefs, and extensions name should in UpperCamelCase.

Libraries, packages, directories, and source files name should be in snake_case(lowercase_with_underscores).

Variables, constants, parameters, and named parameters should be in lowerCamelCase.

Use relative imports for files in lib

When use relative and absolute imports together then It is possible to create confusion when the same class gets imported from two different ways. …

Improve user retention, engagement, and user experience using deep linking

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Deep linking is used for promoting apps with social media campaigns or sharing data with other users to link to specific content within a specific app whether your app is already installed or not.

Firebase Dynamic Links provides a rich feature for handling deep linking for applications and websites. The best part is that Firebase deep linking is free, for any scale.

In this article, I will explain how to create and use Dynamic Links in Flutter. If you wish to learn more about Firebase Dynamic Links, you can check out the following video:

Firebase Dynamic Links handles the…

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