Blockchain Capital is excited to share our 2020 year in review report where we cover macro trends, bitcoin, DeFi, regulation and more. Lastly, the team shares our bold predictions as we head into 2021!

Cash App, by Square, made headlines in 2020 as a leading digital wallet in the U.S. As a digital wallet, Square allows users to send & receive payments. Similar to a wallet in your pocket, a digital wallet is a place where you can store money for quick use and retrieval.

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There are many digital wallets where payments can occur. But Square functions well beyond this.

Square is not just a digital wallet; it’s becoming a wallet as a bank (WaaB). It’s not just for sending and receiving money. Users utilize Cash App similar to a bank account. You can…

Exploring Ownership As a Design Choice

With the maturation of social media networks, user-generated content and participation are more mainstream than ever. Yet value does not proportionally accrue to the users contributing, and often building, the network. When users have skin in the game, economic and intrinsic incentives are re-imagined. Crypto networks, and corresponding tokens, enable this dynamic.

The Rules of the Internet Today

Centralized platforms rule the internet. Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google dictate the rules upon which the world uses and interfaces with the internet. You want to launch an app, you pay the toll of the App Store. Platforms hold power over its users.

With the rise of blogging…

As 2019 comes to a close, Blockchain Capital is excited to share our Year in Review industry report, covering the global macro environment, crypto asset market, adoption, regulation and major industry themes like DeFi and the emerging prime brokerage stack. Lastly, the Blockchain Capital team shares some of our boldest predictions moving into the new year!

Blockchain Capital’s 2019 Year in Review

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Just a few of many headlines seen in the past 6 months

2019 is the year we can finally say “institutions have arrived,” in the blockchain / crypto industry and in a big way. Despite being a commonly cited catalyst within the crypto space, progress has felt slow. After all, these are large organizations with significant value at risk, so they want to be careful and deliberate about embracing new innovations and opportunities. We’ve finally seen real momentum from legacy tech and financial institutions — with Square, Microsoft, Fidelity, and Facebook all announcing their forays into this space. Two years after the last crypto bull market, it is undeniable that institutions and…

Kinjal Shah

Investing @blockchaincap, Tufts ‘15

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