What do you want the most?

Today, a stranger walked up and asked me, “Is Bhutan happy?” I sighed after hearing this question for the thousandth time and began to answer his overly vague question.

Yes, we are happy.

Students walk miles to go to school, and again miles to come back. 
But sure, we are happy.
My independent country, today needs permission from X country just to land and take off the airplanes from our own tarmac. 
But sure, We are happy.
Our annual GDP is smaller than what Samsung generates in a whole year.
But sure, we are happy
We import things and I mean MANYTHING including salt, and a small political misunderstanding impacts yuugely in our livelihood, 
But sure, we are happy.

Bhutan is actually a small country placed between two massive nuclear-powered giants. Our great leaders have spent their whole lives kowtowing neighboring countries just so that we can survive today. 
There are barely 700,000 thousand of us, and they say there is employment problem. Be it Korea, each one could have been even provided salary.

But then since you asked, what I want the most,

I want my country to provide jobs to the world.
I want my brothers and sisters to go to school in subways, 
I want my future generation to have exposure to fast internet,
Just so, they know everything is just a matter of exposure. 
Finally, I don’t want anyone to get their visa declined.

Come again that day, 
“I will speak my heart out, Yes we the happiest”

Kinley Tenzin.
University of Seoul

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