Myth or “long shot”?

For her it was a myth, for him it was a long shot at finding his true love

will destiny or “fate” bring them together? the little fairy wondered. But how?

As she grow up she had the ability to see glimpses of the future

However it did not stop her from always wondering how would she be able to change some events.

For a while she was willing to go near human but the fairy grandma stopped her saying you are not responsible for this matter and remember what ever you do against fate, it will come at you 10 times stronger

Out of fear the little fairy continued to watch lives of humans from above

When she encountered the fate of these two young people she was mesmerized

She couldn’t stop watching

But as they grew further apart and when she thought their fate was going to change the fairy couldn’t stop her self from flying down to human’s world

Way in her journey she kept thinking what could she do to help them grow closer

At that moment the girl was getting ready to leave her house to catch her train taking her away from the boy that in the fairy’s mind was her true love

The only thing that the boy can do to meet her is to get up in time to catch the train

When she looked at his way he just smashed his alarm and kept sleeping

“That’s it” the fairy said to her self

And went to wake him up

Eureka!!! she screamed “the boy is up”

And since the boy is a boy he doesn’t need more than 5 minutes to get ready and leave his house

Now, he is at the train station, finally! The train will be here soon.

The girl just got her ticket and was marching towards the waiting stand

She was very happy that she could help these to meet.

So she was going to regain her place at the fairy station,

When she turned arround to glimpse at them

The boy’s train was on the other side, and the boy was rushing to get on board.

He was in such a hurry he did not see her when he walked by her

The little fairy got upset and went to him and put on a spell so that he can see her

At that moment the boy lost his ticket so he had to go back to get it

The ticket was in her hands

As he stood there towards her beautiful face he couldn’t move he was thinking is that her?

Is this yours? Mate is this yours?

The girl asked him and woke him up from his dream

Hey honey were you having a bad dream?

No actually the best one, today is our anniversary. I didn’t forget lol, and i was dreaming about the first time we met a year ago remember

Oh yes that was an awkward moment for me

How about me, I got on that train just to get your number and was late for work again but that was on you babe.

Oh come on get up you’ll be late besides you have to drop me off at the train station

Ok honey give 5 minutes

Well “the boy is a boy” after all, right!

When they got to station she got out of the car so quickly that she forgot to kiss him

Honey!?… Oh well she can’t be late she’s not me. He said to him self

On his way to work he noticed that she left her papers, the ones that she stayed up all night working on

He turned the car over to go back to her

When he saw her he called her dear your papers as she turned towards him and saw her paper she got off the train to get them

(Sound of a gun fire) someone was running away from the police holding a gun

Everyone was running in every direction

She did not understand what happened

He was madly looking for her as the shooter was near her

When the things come down he saw her laying down in her blood with her face smashed

Stopped for a second then got into his car and left

When he got to work he was waiting for his colleague to come

The second he saw him at the door he left his hand and shot the guy he was in his custody

Policemen reacted fast and shot his shoulder

5 years later, alone in a cell he said to him self “it was a long shot”.

The end.

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