Super Duplex Stainless Steel (S S) Flanges have special quality finishing and duress for long life, high pressure and zero defects. Kinnari Steel is Super Duplex S S Flanges Manufacturer, Stockiest & Supplier.

Super Duplex Steel is a variant of Duplex steel, which has excellent corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength. It resists pitting and crevice corrosion extremely well. It also handles corrosion by acids, on account of the presence of chromium and molybdenum in high proportions. It provides excellent resistance to corrosion fatigue too. It combines the properties of high mechanical strength with good weld ability. It is suitable for use in chloride environments as it prevents stress corrosion cracking due to the same.

Therefore, Super Duplex Steel is most popular among different industries. One can find different types of products such as Super Duplex S S Flanges, Tube Fittings, Pipe Fittings, pipes, Tubes, Fasteners, Sheets, Rods, Bars and so forth are used in different industries.

Super Duplex Stainless Steel Flanges are the forged or ring of steel which are used for connecting sections pipes or join pipe, valves, pumps and any other integral flanges assembly to form a piping system. They are joined with each other by joining or bolting to the piping system by threading or welding method.

The Basic types of Super Duplex Stainless Steel Flanges are:

Slip on Flange

Blind Flange

Weld Neck Flange

Threaded Flange

Socket Weld Flange

Lap Joint Flange

Blind Flange

Orifice Flange

Depending on the nature of the industry and the requirement suitable type of flanges are selected to design quality products and machineries.

The Super Duplex Stainless Steel Flanges are used in different types of industries including kitchen utensils, civil engineering, Transport systems, Chemical industry, Oil and Gas industry, medical industry, Petrochemical, Shipbuilding industry and so on.

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