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I can go on about how I got the idea and how I built it all over again, but I’ll directly cut to what we’re here for. How I did all of it. But if you really want to know how I did all of that, listen to my interview with Neil at The Indian Startup Show or my TEDx talk .

So it all started when my then flatmate, the guy who slept with a random lady every now and then, took me to the gym and told me “Harshdeep, if you want a great, hot girlfriend 2 months from now, find anyone who’s not in a great shape but is working really hard and is doing everything they can to get better. Then when they get hot, it will be morally justified for them to hang with you since you were there before they got hot”. Now coming from a background where I found that utterly disgusting because I like to take my relationships seriously, but it was a great business idea.

Harshdeep Singh Hura

6'9" I build things. CMD, Heura Media

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