Without resorting to AA style meeting introductions — my real girl name is Ashley Kinnick and I am equal parts writer + designer of I come from a long lineage of boring names + overthinking so after hours of debate and hair pulling — I resorted back to my namesake so I could get on with the damn thing.

But, it hasn’t always been this clear. Let us enter the void —

The year is 2013 and I have just graduated from a token art school with a bachelor’s degree in advertising design and a concentration in copywriting. I wasn’t always “pro copy,” in fact I was drawn to design + writing + printmaking + photography on equal scales. But, the pressure to choose a direction and my lack of confidence in the design world ultimately coined me, “Ashley Kinnick: Copy Queen.” I felt comfortable in the role but several ad agency internships and a stint writing for a music magazine later, I wasn’t feeling the lust. I realized that I liked writing quippy one-liners and long-form body copy but that I didn’t love writing quippy one-liners and long-form body copy. What I love about writing is poetry + melodramatic short stories + science articles on consciousness theories. Long story short, I couldn’t see myself being the kind of writer I wanted to be at an agency so I had a change of heart and I jumped ship. That, ladies and gentlemen, scared the matzah balls out of me.

  • cue: feelings of failure + confusion

So, I did what any early 20-something wallowing in their own pool of self-pity would do — I googled several “hang in there” cat posters and I learned to let go. I learned to trust myself to never be complacent. I learned to respect my failures as the pave way to my success and I learned that I had a lot to learn about myself.

After three years of feeling like I didn’t measure up to my taste level and worrying that I wouldn’t be taken seriously amidst a sea of talented designers I aspire to be. I squashed the fear and set more rational goals around cohesion + consistency. is the good + the not so great + the late-night creative comas + the overthinking to the brink of madness + the desire to connect + a hunger to create.

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