2 political TV shows that blows your mind


Season 1 and 2 were excellent. 3 and 4 seriously let us down, not including Melli (the wife of the president) and Abby (Olivia employee).

At season 5 Olivia looks like a woman who solves serious problems, not just dump girl who endlessly choosing which of boyfriends and parents she loves more. Like at season 1.

The story is interesting if we forget about numerous phrases that mention ‘the most powerful man on the planet. This sounds really stupid, especially when English is your second language and you have some brains.

Madam Secretary

This show is about an intelligent woman — a former spy and CIA analyst. One day she becomes one of the leading politicians in the country at the personal request of the president.

Sometimes it’s too much. At the 1 episode she rescues two American children from the clutches of the Syrian rebels. And she wear a chic outfit, of course, only to distract media attention from the main issues of foreign policy ^ _ ^

I don’t like parallels with Hillary. I think it’s not permitted to impose the current politic in this positive way. There’s just product placement of Clinton.

The article with that title should include the “House of Cards,” because everyone likes it and because there is also about politics. But I did not like it. Those series that I’ve seen can’t be understood out of context: it is necessary to watch all the seasons from the beginning. It was horrible. Unpleasant.

There is one more thing: “State of Affairs” where Keytrin Heigl, one of my favorite actresses, is a CIA analyst who daily reports to the president on the situation in the country. It’s should be nice.

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